#13 Best Friend – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Incidents

“Cute,” Megha smiled, “Pea will love to meet her.”

Megha was looking at the little bird in the cage. Her blue feathers shined in the light, and she looked at Megha with her sparkling eyes.

“Hi Megha, I’m Blue.”

“Whoa!” Megha stepped back in shock, almost losing balance and falling down.
It was a few more moments before Megha could say anything.

“You can… talk?”

The bird, however, seemed completely unshaken and sighed. “It’s a relief that you didn’t become unconscious. I thought you would.”

“Well, I do know a peacock who can talk, so I wouldn’t be that much shocked.”

“All the birds can talk,” the bird informed Megha, “It’s a shame that not a lot of people understand us.”

“All the birds?” Megha was surprised, “You mean everyone? That’s strange. I don’t think I heard any birds to talk before Pea. He was the one and only bird to speak human language – at least that’s what I knew before you came.”

“Maybe you didn’t open your ears,” the bird continued, “To be able to understand, to be able to perceive, you must have that eagerness – that enthusiasm – which you have for Pea, and for me. You never paid attention to any other birds before, so you didn’t know.”

Megha listened closely as the little bird spoke on.

“Every one of us – birds – we can speak. Ever noticed our voices when we sing? Each time, there can be a different emotion to express. Next time, listen closely, like you are doing right now.”

Megha smiled. “You are so sweet.”

“Thank you,” the bird smiled as well.

At that moment, a head peeked in from a window in the room. “Megha!”
Megha turned towards the window. “Pea?”

“Can I enter?”

“Of course, just don’t leave this room or we’ll be in trouble,” Megha whispered, and brought the peacock inside her room.

“Look Pea, my uncle brought me this bird as a gift.”

Pea was already staring at the bird in the cage. She was tiny, but beautiful. Her big wings (well, big for her body) were covered with blue and white feathers. Cray had not lied, Pea became sure; that new bird was surely good looking. But would Megha forget about Pea? No, that wouldn’t happen, Pea hoped, “Of course she won’t abandon me. I’m her best friend, and this is just a new bird her uncle brought. Ugh, why am I so nervous?”

Pea looked at his own wings. He glanced at his long green tail once; the eye-like-designs were shining brightly in the sunlight. “I’m beautiful, smart and bigger in size. I’m the better one, so she won’t leave me.”

“I must introduce myself,” the bird in the cage said, “I’m Blue.”

“I’m Megha,” Megha said, smiling. “And this is Pea. He is the peacock I was talking about. He can talk human language.”

Pea was leering at Blue.

“Eh, this was quite a plain introduction,” Blue sighed, “Allow me to do this – in Blue’s original style!”

“Um, okay?” Megha said slowly.

“Just open the cage,” Blue requested, “I promise I won’t fly away.”

Megha looked at Pea once. Pea didn’t respond; he stared back at Megha. Megha nodded and opened the door of the cage.

“The name is Blue / but I guess you/ know that already!”
Blue said the words musically, flying out of the open door.

“She can fly,” Pea murmured, “Still, nothing like me.”

“I’m a bird as you see/caught by a hunter / and given to your uncle,” Blue was floating. She headed towards Megha and flew. When she was only around five inches away from Megha, she stopped and sang.

“But I’m sure – I’m quite lucky to be here/ and I know you all are great/ I’ll have a great time here!”

Pea looked at Megha and shock filled his face. “She’s enjoying this bird’s company!”

He looked away in disgust.

“I’m sure you will,” Megha was saying.

Blue continued his song, now flying all around the room, “I used to live in a forest / Never found my parents / But I had sisters and brothers / and lots of

“Who never were enough for me to have fun together,” she brought her high pitched voice to a lower tone and almost whispered.

Then her voice went up again, “But I’m sure – I’m quite lucky to be here!”
Pea sighed.

“The name is Blue / but I guess you/ know that already!”

Pea rolled his eyes, “Just how boring can this get? Megha, we…”

But unfortunately, Megha paid no attention to Pea and said, “Blue! That is so adorable!”

“Thank you, thank you!” Blue encored and did a backflip in the open air.
Pea was shocked, “You can do… that?”

“Oh, that trick? We used to do that all the time in the forest,” Blue smiled.

Blue sat on the table, in front of the cage. Then, she said in her musical voice, “So, my new mistress / Hope I’m not a distress / Will you be my friend?”
“Of course, Blue,” Megha was beaming, “How can I even refuse you? You are the cutest bird I’ve ever met!”

“But, I wonder, what will your peacock think?” Blue said in a worried tone,
“He’s already disliking me.”

Pea turned away from Megha and Blue. “I can’t stand that bird,” he murmured.
Megha didn’t notice that, but Blue did, and she stared at Pea.

“Blue, you are so amazing!”

At this, Pea flied up to the window’s height and went out the way he came. “I need to go – I was going to meet someone – bye.”

“All right, Pea, see you tomorrow!”

Once Pea was out of sight, Blue burst into laughter.

“Oh, Megha, Pea is kind of cute, and he seems cuter when he is angry!” Blue spoke, “I couldn’t help but annoy him a little.”

“Do you think he is annoyed because of us?” Megha asked Blue, now seriously thinking about the situation.

“Well, I believe he is,” Blue said, “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”
Megha remained silent. Then, slowly, she spoke, “He’s really nice once you get to know him.”

“I hope I get to know him then,” Blue said, still joyous about her little mischief.

“I hope he isn’t heartbroken, Blue!”

Blue flew up to Megha and sat on her shoulder, while Megha intently stared out of the window and looked towards the tall trees swaying in the breeze.

The next morning, Megha went to school as usual. “Bye, Blue, see you after school!”

“Have fun in school, Megha!” Blue said.

Megha left the house. Blue flew and sat on a branch of a tree, watching her. After a while, she noticed a big blue bird hiding behind some bushes. It was Pea. Megha didn’t notice Pea, and went on.

“Pea…” Blue sighed, “Looks like I did too much.”

“Why, hello there, Pea!” Blue flew near him, “Why are you hiding here?”
The reaction was harsher than Blue thought it would be. “Who said I was hiding? I was just having some me-time. And it’s pretty cool, so don’t you dare to comment. What are you doing here anyway? Go, go to Megha and talk to her. Have fun.”

“Well, Megha left for school quite a while ago,” Blue informed.

Pea sighed.

“You could’ve just gone out of these bushes and greeted her!” Blue said, “I bet she was worried about you. She hasn’t been…”

“I do what I like to do, okay?” Pea snapped at Blue, “Don’t disturb me!”
Blue noticed that there was a flower in front of Pea. “What is this? What are you doing anyway?”

Pea hurriedly picked up the flower. “Why does it matter to you?”

“Well, because, I’m your friend – aren’t we?”

Pea didn’t respond. He stared at the flower. “It was a gift I received from Megha, as a token of our friendship.” He sighed.

“What’s wrong, Pea? You appear upset. If there is anything I can do, please say!”

Not even lifting his head, Pea quietly said, “She isn’t talking to me.”

“Megha?” Blue asked, almost smiling. “Silly bird,” she thought. Then, she replied, “Oh, Pea, you two did talk yesterday, didn’t you?”

“She is talking only with you,” Pea said, sulking, “since morning.”

“That’s because I live in her house!”

“She didn’t wish me a ‘Good morning’; she didn’t even look for me!”

“She did talk about you, Pea,” Blue was trying to console Pea, “Also, she is late for school, and it is situated far away from her house, so she had to leave as soon as she could!”

“Just saying two words wouldn’t make her any more late, Blue,” Pea sighed.
There were a few moments of silence before Pea spoke again. “She is forgetting me.”

“Don’t stress, Pea,” Blue said, “She’ll talk to you again. Just wait until the school is over.”

But, in Pea’s mind, there was nothing but the negative conversation he had with Cray. He wondered what would happen if it what Cray said was true.

“What if she really forgets me? Oh no, no, it can’t, it can’t happen, no!”

“Afraid, little peacock?”

Pea looked up. He didn’t know if it was a co-incidence or if they were actually being watched at that moment, but, Cray was now flying in front of him. His face was filled with a sly smirk.


“Did you see that new bird? She’s totally amazing. She is the one whom Megha deserves, not you, chick!”

“So, you are the one,” now Pea heard Blue’s voice from the other side, “You have been secretly…”

Pea was surprised that Blue hadn’t left his side all the while he sat gloomily. Then, he said, sighing, “Cray is right though – Blue, you have got a lot of qualities, but I have none.”

“Pea, just snap out of it, will you?” Blue said, quite annoyed. Then she said calmly, “In friendship, qualities do not matter!”

Pea stared at Blue, surprised.

Blue continued, “What truly matters is the love you have for your friend, and the understanding between the friends.”

Cray started to laugh. Blue looked at him angrily.

Cray said, his voice filled with sarcasm, “Ahh, what a lovely scene,” he clapped, “I’m so proud that I got to see this! The so-called enemy is advising the hero about friendship! How touchy.”


“What do you mean, Cray?” Pea shouted angrily, “Blue isn’t an enemy.”

“Indeed, the real enemy is you, Mr Crow!” Blue said, flying towards Cray. She stopped inches away from the crow and narrowed her eyes, “Just. Leave.”

“Oh? I see, I see, I see, Pea,” Cray was smirking, “This is what I’m getting after helping you so much!”

“You’re just jealous of the friendship between Megha and Pea,” Blue said, “So you are trying to misguide him!”

“If you truly helped me, I’d be happy to meet Blue yesterday. But you didn’t, you made me feel so horrible. I doubted Megha,” Pea’s voice was shaking with emotions, “Megha – the same Megha who put me inside when there was such a cold winter, the one who was been caring about me so much. My best friend.”

“Looks like Cray the Mischief-Maker is caught again!” Cray said, “Cray should leave!”

Cray flapped his wings and flew away. Blue gazed at him until he was out of sight.

“Thank you, Blue, you are so nice.”


“I’m sorry, Blue,” Pea was looking down, embarrassed, “It was my mistake to believe Cray.”

“It’s all right, Pea,” Blue smiled, “In fact, I came to you for an apology as well.”


“Yesterday, I paid no attention to you and continued laughing and enjoying with Megha. The truth is that, I wanted to annoy you a little. You see, I kind of find pleasure in that. But it always ends with a humour, with everything happy. It never went so far like this time.”

“So I took jokes seriously?” Pea asked.


“Why in the world am I so stupid?”

“I’m sorry for this, Pea,” Blue sincerely said, “Will you forgive me?”

“Only on one condition,” Pea said, beaming.


“We have to be friends.”

Blue stared at Pea and smiled. “He is really silly,” she thought. Then, she said, “I thought that we were already good friends.”

Both of them burst into laughter.

Blue smiled, but then her face was filled with concern. “I’m glad that everything is all right between us, but, Megha – she seemed a bit worried.”

“About what?” Pea asked at once, straightening his body, “Does she need anything? I’ll do it at once.”

“Pea, it’s not like that,” Blue sighed, “I don’t even know what is bothering her. She just seemed a bit distant. It felt like, she was… hiding something.”


“Today morning, she talked with her uncle. But when she returned, she seemed really sad and worried.”

“Why didn’t you ask her the reason, Blue?”

“Of course, I did, Pea, but it seemed like she didn’t want to talk about it. All she said was, ‘Oh, it’s nothing, really.’”

“Maybe it’s her familial problems,” Pea suggested, “We wouldn’t understand those things quite much, maybe that’s why she didn’t tell us anything at all.”

“That could be it.”

There was a bit pause, until Blue asked Pea, “Pea, I was wondering, can Megha understand Cray’s words? Even a little?”

“I have never asked that, but I think she can,” Pea said. He recalled, “Once Cray was calling me names in front of her, she was so angry at him.”

“She didn’t say anything like that yesterday,” Blue recalled, “All she said was that she only understood you, before meeting me, of course.”

“Eh, you don’t quite know her, Blue. She forgets almost everything.”

Pea paused a little, then continued, “It’s kind of strange. Not a single person except Megha can understand me. Neither her friends, nor her family – no one

Blue thought for a while. “Hunter Dipayan was able to understand my words a little. I guess that’s because he spends a lot of time catching birds and watching their reactions.”

“You’ve been there too?” Pea asked, surprised.

“Hunter Dipayan? Oh yes. Not for too long, though. I was purchased by Megha’s uncle and brought to Megha.”

“Hunter Dipayan is such a cruel person. He hurt me a lot when I was captive. I’m glad that I was able to escape.”

“It’s nice that you could do that.”

“Yeah, some other birds helped me. They were so kind,” Pea recalled, “The little moment I had with them – it feels good when I think about it. I hope they are all right.”

Blue remained silent.

“So, Blue, only Megha understands your words properly. And Hunter Dipayan – it can’t be said if he actually can do it, right?”

“Apparently, yes. But I have a feeling that,” Blue whispered, “Something is going to happen. Definitely a big incident.”

“I get those feelings all the time, Blue, don’t take it so seriously,” Pea said, smiling, “Megha can be a bit glum at times, but she’ll be back to normal in no

Blue sighed. “I hope our questions are answered soon, Pea. But right now, all we have to do is wait.”

“Yeah, sure, we can wait. Not right now, though! Come on, Blue, let’s enjoy the time. Come with me, I’ll show you the village.”

Meanwhile, in school, Megha sat in her usual seat, her hands on her head. She was murmuring, anxiety clearly audible in her voice.

“I’ve to tell them, they can help me. But how should I start? How can I just say that my best friends are birds, and they are, they are…”


Megha looked up. It was Sumita, a classmate of Megha. Sumita was physically very weak (once she was absent in school for around three months due to her sickness), but she was popular as she was excellent in studies. She got full marks in Maths every year, and was rewarded for academic excellence more than three times.

Sumita adjusted her round glasses and asked in her quite, delicate voice. “Megha, what’s wrong?”

“Sumita, I…”

“Yes, Megha?” Sumita asked. She pulled a chair beside Megha and sat down. “You are… crying. Tell me what’s wrong. Let me know if I can help you.”

Megha wiped her tears. She looked down at her hands, which were shaking in fear.

“Do you want me to call others? Just, don’t cry, Megha.”

Megha whispered, “I… I want to tell you something, Sumita.”

“What is it?”

Megha inhaled deeply, looking towards Sumita, making a direct eye contact.

“You asked me about my best friends. I lied, saying I don’t have one. But the truth is, my best friends are non-human beings. They are birds, and…”

Sumita’s gasp cut Megha off. “Birds, as best friends? That sounds so cool, Megha!”

“But, Sumita, we have to do something. They are in danger!”


There was a little silence. Sumita said calmly, “Don’t worry, Megha. Let’s call others and see what we can do.”

“I don’t think calling everyone will help, Sumita,” Megha said, her voice cracking.

“Crying here alone won’t help either, Megha!”

“I feel so helpless.”

“That’s why, in times like this, we need everyone. Megha, we are your friends, right? We’ll see what we can do.”

After a minute, a few girls can back with Sumita, each one of them a classmate of Megha.

“Tell us everything.”

“My best friends are Pea – a peacock, and Blue – a bird my uncle brought me.”

There were murmurs, but they stopped as soon as Megha started talking about the incident that happened that morning.

“Did you call me, uncle?”

“Yes, my dear. You see, I’ve been facing quite some trouble in my work. I’m so sorry, but I’ve got no choice. I need some money.”

“Money? But, what can I do about it? Our financial state is neither good, nor do I know an extra source of income.”

“But, Megha, only you can help me. Tell me, dear, for all the good gifts I brought you, for all the smiles I brought in your face, shouldn’t I ask you to give me something in return?”

“But – uncle…”

“Your uncle needs something; won’t Megha give it to him?” Megha’s uncle continued, “It’s so simple, you have to answer with a simple yes or no.”

Megha remained silent and thought. Then she said, “Okay, uncle, tell me, I’ll help you.”

“I don’t know if you remember it, but I’m sure that I told you that everything comes with a price.”

“I do remember it, uncle.”

“This bird I brought you comes with a price. I need you to pay it.”

“What?” Megha was surprised, “Isn’t Blue my gift? You can’t take money for a gift, uncle!”

“I’m in a bad situation. But, don’t worry about money. There is something else that I need. Instead of money, just give me your peacock.”

Megha gasped.

“Listen Megha, if you want to keep Blue, give me your peacock. Else, I will take away the new bird.”

“But we are best friends, uncle! I can’t do this! Besides, what will I get if I lose one of my best friends? Nothing!”

“Megha, your father is suffering from a great loss in farming. Give me the peacock. Once my work is settled, I’ll pay you a lot of money – the amount you have never seen.”


“Megha, you should understand. A peacock costs a lot more than an ordinary bird. Giving me the peacock will help you in the future, but if you return the bird, you will get nothing.”

“I can’t sell my best friends!”

Megha’s uncle continued, “You don’t have a choice. Your parents should matter to you a lot more than those birds, Megha. They would definitely want to sell the peacock. You can’t do anything else. No one is going to support you.”

Megha remained silent.

“You’ll be starving if you can’t choose.”

“What will you do with Pea or Blue?”

“That’s none of your business, but I’ll give a small hint. They’ll go back to where they came from.”


“No, the hunter.”

“What?” Megha was shocked. “But, they won’t be safe there!”

“Megha, take your time. Let me know your decision tomorrow. Have a nice day!”

After Megha finished talking about the incident, Sumita was the first one to react. “Whoa, that’s a lot. Your uncle is so rude, Megha.”

“Is his problem true, or is he making it up to get the peacock?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even have time to think about it,” Megha said in her cracking voice, “What should I do? Help me, please.”

There was a little pause. Sumita discussed something with the other girls. Finally, she turned towards Megha and said, “I have an idea that might not work. It is heart-breaking, but we have no choice.”

Megha nodded determinedly. Sumita whispered something in her ear.

“This is the only thing you can do to save both of the birds. Will you attempt it, despite knowing the fact that it might not work?”

“Yes, I will.”


#12 Best Friend – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: My Best Friend


Pea was roaming around the green grass, searching the fields for any signs of tasty food. Hearing a familiar voice, he looked up. Instantly, his face lit up.


He ran to the girl, beaming. Megha smiled.

“Let’s go home, you don’t have to look for food this way!”

Megha started walking, Pea followed her.

“So, how was school?”

“As usual,” Megha said, sighing, “I had no idea what the teacher was saying in the Maths class. Science was hectic too, there were some odd diagrams.”

“You did enjoy Geography, right? It’s your favourite subject, Megha!”

“Ah yes I did, that one was the best. We were learning about climates.”

There was a little pause. A refreshing autumn breeze blew. Pea looked at the grass. The touch of the wind was so caring, so lovable – it caressed the bent heads of the grass, as if asking to get up.

Megha took a deep breath, and said, “There was something else the girls were interested about.”

“What is it?” Pea asked casually.

“Well, they were asking me about my best friend.”

At the last two words, Pea tensed a little and looked nervously towards Megha. She was smiling.

“What did you answer?”

“I lied,” Megha smiled a little, “saying I don’t have one.”

Pea stared at her. “What?”

“What else do you want me to say? Say aloud that I have a peacock who can talk and who is my best friend? Certainly not that, Pea, I don’t want to be called a weirdo.”

“Um, okay?”

Megha stopped walking and faced Pea.

“Did you get the point of it, Pea?”

“I guess not.”

“Pea, you are my best friend!”

Pea stared at her, surprised. “Really?”

He stared at her smiling face, and finally believed. “Oh, Megha, thank you so much, you don’t know how much happy I am right now.”

“Pea, I met you when I was five. Now, I’m eleven. For six years, we’ve been friends. We always understand each other. Who can be my best friend except you?”

Pea smiled, then his happiness faded. “But, I’m a bird – a bird can’t…”

“Where did you get that rule from? I’m the one who reads books, and no such thing is mentioned anywhere!”

Pea remained silent.

“Listen Pea, the reason I didn’t tell this fact to the girls in school because they are just… people. People who will not understand the bond we have. But there’s no reason to be afraid. You and I are inseparable, best friends forever, and it is going to stay like that forever.”

Pea looked up to Megha and smiled. “I promise you Megha, I’ve always got your back.”

Suddenly, they heard claps, and the voice of a man could be heard.

“Wow, so incredible and emotional,” the claps continued, “Megha, you really have a thing with words.”

Megha looked towards the person who was speaking, and immediately, a smile flashed on her face.


Pea looked at the man whom Megha had just called her ‘uncle.’ He had heard a lot about that person from Megha, but it was the first time he actually saw him (whenever her uncle came, Megha had to stay at home. She told her that her mother made delicious foods for the guest, and she had to help.). Megha’s uncle was quite tall. He was dark toned, and his eyes were small (they reminded Pea of Cray’s eyes). There was a thick black moustache under his big nose.

“Your mother is looking for you, let’s go home, Megha.”

Upon returning home, Megha had to say goodbye to Pea.

“I’m sorry, Pea, but you see, we have a guest at home, so… Maa wouldn’t allow.”

“Totally understandable,” Pea said quietly, “See you tomorrow.”

Pea walked away from Megha’s house. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. Slowly, memories began to arrive in his mind.

The day he met Megha – it was so wonderful. He, indeed was lucky to see her. It began from a small promise of “I won’t hurt you”, and grew into a promise of being “inseparable.” He never thought he would find this beautiful treasure. No one could ever expect that from a human, after being in the clutches of a hunter.

Through his closed eyes, he could clearly see the visions of those past days.

“This is a beautiful peacock we have, right Dipayan?”

“Beautiful? I don’t understand that word. But it is costly, for sure.”

“We could sell him to the market.”

“Normal market sales are not something I, Hunter Dipayan does. I have a greater plan for him.”

Pea’s eyes were filled with terror, as he saw all the other birds in the cages around him. He shared his cage with a parrot.

“But today has been a long day, we should take rest.”

“That’s correct, Dipayan, let’s go.”

The two bold men went out of the room, locking it well as they left.

“Argh, why am I here?” Pea screamed, pushing the cage from the inside, trying to break it. “I want to go home, my parents are waiting for me!”

“Quite a child.”

“So young.”

“Hunter is surely cruel, he could have left that little peacock alone!”

All around there were murmurs about him. Frustrated, Pea sat in the corner of his cage, tears falling down from his face. The parrot in her cage was watching him quietly.

“Little peacock, where are you from?”

“The forest, please help me go back!”

There were soft whispers about him.

“Please, help,” Pea said, his voice overflowing with emotions, “Help me break this cage – I can figure out the rest of it.”

The parrot scowled, “How will you?”

“Look, up there, a little window is open. I can fly away.”

“You are a peacock, you cannot fly that high. You’ll fall down.”

“Even that will be better, just let me out!”

A crane put his beak out through his cage. “Don’t know if it will work. I’ve never lock picked before.” He reached out Pea’s cage. After a few unsuccessful works, the lock opened.

Pea opened the cage quickly and went out. “Come, Parrot, we’ll run away together.”

“Child, you are young, you should go,” the parrot insisted, “I’ll stay with all these birds.”

“But, why won’t you come with me? You can be free this way.”

“I understand, peacock, but I cannot leave these birds alone. See? They are lonely. They need support. You spread your wings, and fly. Fly free.”

That was how Pea had escaped from Hunter Dipayan’s house. He somehow flew out of the house, and then ran away. It was winter, so cold. But he had made it to a village. The village where he met Megha.

His life used to wonderful before Hunter Dipayan captured him. And now, it was beyond the words he knew. He was loved here. He had someone who wouldn’t be afraid to stand by his side. He had Megha, his best friend.

“Well, well, look who is so emotional right now.”

Pea broke out from his thoughts and looked up to see who had spoken.


“Ah yes, it’s me, Cray the Mischief-maker,” the chatterer, a crow, back flipped in the mid-air and said, “So, what’s up, dumb peachick?”

“I don’t know why you call me that,” Pea said, “I’m sure I’m not dumb.”

“Just your illusive thoughts. Oh, will you ever improve? Will you ever learn to fly, fatty peachick? Look at me! I’m not only capable of flying, but I can also do backflips.”

“Well, you learnt them from the pigeons,” Pea said in a boring voice.

“Yeah, and so what? At least, I can do it, unlike you!”

“Thank you for reminding me that, Cray,” Pea smiled, “But there is someone, who will love me forever the way I am. She never said that she had a problem with me not able to fly.”

“You mean that human girl? Ha, she…”

“Megha told me that I’m her best friend, Cray.”

“How can you even trust her, peachick?” Cray said, turning away.

“What do you want to say?”

“Just wait and see. A new friend for her is arriving today. The bird has a beautiful voice, she is nice to everyone, and of course, she is gorgeous! And she can fly too! The perfect best friend for Megha!”

“She has already chose me, she can’t abandon me,” Pea said, trying to sound firm, “I’m her best friend.

“Don’t forget, Pea,” Cray said in a dark voice, “Megha is a human. And humans can do anything.”

Cray flew away, leaving Pea frozen in shock.

Meanwhile, Megha was having a hard time in her house.

“Go give this to your uncle; he has done a long journey from the city.”

“Don’t take it that way! Here, hold it like this.”

“Have you asked him to sit? And yes, talk to him nicely.”

“Ma,” Megha said, holding a tray of sweets and a cup of tea, “It’s too much…”

“Too much of what?” Megha’s mother asked, scowling.

“He’s just my uncle, you are acting like he is this great human we’ll never see again and we should…”

“Don’t be rude, Megha,” Megha’s mother said sternly, “You should learn to welcome guests properly.”

Megha sighed and left for her room. His uncle was sitting there. He said that he had something to show Megha, and it could only be opened in her room. There were no fans in her room, so her mother was asking him to sit in another room, but her uncle said it was fine.

Megha’s room was quite small. There was a table at one side, on which stacks of books were placed. On the cream coloured wall, there was a mirror and a calendar. A painting of Megha and Pea was pasted at one side of the wall. Underneath the painting, a single bed was standing. Near Megha’s table, there was a chair on which her uncle was sitting.

When Megha entered the room, she noticed that something was put on the table. It was covered with a big piece of cloth. Megha’s uncle saw Megha staring at the object and smiled.

“Ah Megha, why all these? You did not have to prepare sweets for me!”

Megha looked away from the object. She put down the tray and the cup on the table “Aren’t you getting problems in my room? It’s kind of messy, and there are no fans, so it’s really hot here.”

“Don’t worry about that,” his uncle said, “I’m used to heat. In the city, it’s even hotter due to pollution. And speaking of a room being messy – it’s fine actually. You should see my son’s room. Your description for the word ‘messy’ will be totally changed.”

Megha looked at her disorganised stack of books on the table, and the spider webs in the corners.

“How is your son doing? It’s been a long time since I last saw him.”

“Hemanta? He’s good. He is in class six now, so he is really busy. Those English-medium schools, they arrange a lot of activities. Projects, home works, class tests, exhibitions – and also the main examinations. Plus he has private tuitions. It’s really stressful for him; he doesn’t get any free time at all. It’s okay though, he’s always scoring the best marks.”

“That’s nice,” Megha replied.

“He is really talented, all the teachers are always praising him.”

Megha remained silent.

“Let me show your gift – the thing I’ve brought for you.”

“What is it, uncle?”

“Just wait and see.”

Megha’s uncle stood up, and removed the cloth from the object. Megha gaped at it.

“A bird?”

A cage was placed on the table. There was a little bird in it. It had feathers of blue and white, and its beaks were grey. It stared at Megha.

“I know you like birds,” Megha’s uncle said, “So I thought a bird would be the best gift for you. One of my friends found her in the dense forests. What do you think?”

“She’s so cute,” Megha smiled, “Thank you, uncle.”

Megha’s uncle left the room, saying a few words that were enough to shock Megha.

“Everything comes with a price, Megha, so does your new friend. As the time comes, you’ll see what I mean.”



#11 Best Friend – Prologue + Chapter 1

Best Friend


“Wait, Megha, don’t run so fast!”

“We need to hurry, Pea, I’m going to be late in school,” she panted, as she ran quickly, ignoring the other one.

“But a peacock can’t run so fast, Megha!”

Both of them stopped running. Megha looked up towards the bright blue sky. Pea, the peacock walked beside her. They exchanged a glance and smiled.

“Autumn is already here, isn’t it?”

Pea nodded, smiling.

“Soon, winter will come too. Do you remember it, Pea? That winter night when I met you – it has been nearly five long years, and I didn’t even realize it!”

“Good for you,” Pea, the peacock replied, “I thought that it has been forever.”

Megha smiled.

“See you after school,” she said, adjusting the bag on her shoulders.

Pea nodded and watched as the girl ran through the narrow dirt path. When she could not be seen anymore, Pea closed his eyes. He breathed deeply; the air filled his lungs and mind with the sweet scent of paddy fields in both sides.

He tried to remember the first day he had seen her. Five years ago, he was a small peahen. It is surprising, how the time flies so fast, and how we don’t even realise it as we sail through it.

The sun had risen quite some hours ago, and it would set. There would be the night, and after that, there would be the dawn, the beginning of a new day. Their small lives would surely continue in their unique ways.

Not everything happens the way we want to. Things happen. So did in the lives of Pea and Megha.

This story tells the tale of a friendship, despite the hardships and struggles in both’s lives. Beautiful friendships like this would never fade, right?

Or would they?

A small author’s note:

Hello ~ I’m Trisha Seal ^^

I’m glad to see that you are reading this, thank you! It means a lot to me ❤

I wrote this story way back in 2015. In fact, this was the first ever English story I ever wrote (I used to write in Bengali in my childhood, don’t ever read them ~ The seven-years-old me didn’t know how to write properly 😛 I don’t even know where I kept that diary anyway XD). As a first story, of course, it had its flaws. But nothing in the world is perfect, from the smallest things to the biggest ones – everyone, everything has some flaws – flaws which make them beautiful.

Now, I’m rewriting my stories to make them a little interesting and fix the grammatical errors. The plot is unchanged so this might seem a bit childish 😛

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the story!


Chapter 1:

The Best Friend for All this Time


It was a December night in the villages up in the mountains to the north of India. The presence of the cold winter could be felt, as the north wind blew, shaking every little twigs and tree, touching the bent heads of the crop fields.

The villagers had ended their supper quite some time ago. All the doors were closed. All the lights being extinguished, the village was wrapped up in a deep slumber of darkness. The only awaked ones were the stars in the dark sky above, the restless winter wind and a girl of just another village farmer, Megha.

The clock struck twelve as Megha tiptoed out of the room, and then out of the house. The silent, asleep family didn’t realize when their only child had gone out of the house.

“I had seen him here,” Megha whispered once she was out of the house. She looked up at the stars. Instantly, her face bent into a smile. She located a constellation, counting the stars one by one.

“Kalpurush. Orion,” she remembered. “But, where is that little peacock?”

She looked around in the field. He was seen near the grasslands in the morning. Then suddenly, she heard a cry from a distance.

Looking all around her, Megha finally discovered a blue coloured bird under a vast banyan tree. She went towards it, taking little steps at a time. When she was close to the bird, he looked upwards at Megha, his tired eyes settled on her face. Megha sat down on the cold grass.

“You are here, little peacock,” Megha whispered, “Come.”

The peacock hurriedly went a bit away from Megha, not breaking the eye contact.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise,” Megha whispered as she carefully caught the bird in her hands and then put on her lap. The bird hesitated; but after a while he understood that the small village girl could not hurt her. So he comfortably huddled on her lap. With a smile on her face, Megha patted the peacock. She looked up at the sky. She noticed the crescent moon, the stars. All of it was beautiful.

“I’ll call you Pea.” Megha said.

The peacock nodded. That was a bit weird, how did the peacock understand what she meant? But that was not a question to answer outside in a cold winter midnight.

“Let me take you home.”

The peacock stared at Megha.

“Don’t worry, everyone is nice. Maa will love you; she will give you your favourite foods every day.”

The peacock went down from Megha’s lap. He stood in front of Megha, his face filled with happiness.

Megha stood up. “Come, Pea,” she started to walk towards her house. The peacock followed her.

In the middle of a dreamy winter night, a new friendship was born.


Megha’s morning began with a cry. Of a peacock.

“Wake up, wake up, Megha!”

It was a voice unlike any of Megha’s family members. She was surprised; who in the world had enough time to wake her up in the morning? She rubbed her eyes and opened them.


The peacock was standing beside her bed. “Yes, Megha?”

Was it a dream? Megha rubbed her eyes and hit herself in the hand. It hurt. So it was real. Megha somehow said out the words.

“You… can… talk?”

“I guess so.”

Megha was still shocked. “How?”

“I just can do it. How can you understand me? No one ever can do that!”

Megha smiled. In her seven years life, she had never seen a talking bird before. It was nice to meet Pea. She could at least talk to someone.

Megha’s parents both worked in the field. Her friends weren’t quite the right ones whom she would tell what she felt. So for all these years, Megha had been quite lonely. She had a lot of friends – but none of them were close enough. She had met numerous of people, but no one seemed to understand her fully. She needed someone who would understand, who would not turn her away.

Maybe Pea could be the one?

Could Pea be the best friend she wanted secretly?

But suddenly, all of her imaginations shattered as her mother rushed inside the room, panicking.

“Megha, what are you doing?”

“What is it, Maa?”

“That bird is a peacock,” she said quickly, “You cannot keep her in the house!”

“What’s wrong with a peacock?”

“Peacocks cannot be pets, Megha. I noticed that you put him inside your room last night. Well, it was really cold, so I didn’t say anything. But put him away now, or we would be in trouble.”

Megha sighed.

“Goodbye, Megha,” Pea said sadly.

Megha glanced at her mother once. Her facial expression didn’t change much. Megha realized that she couldn’t understand Pea’s words.

Megha opened the small window of her house. Pea jumped outside.

Megha had thought that it was last time she would ever see Pea. But her thought was proved wrong, when, the very next day, Pea appeared in the village.


Happily, Pea rushed to Megha. “I’ve decided, Megha. I’ll stay in this village.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to leave Megha,” Pea said, “she has been so caring.”

Megha smiled. Pea questioned, “Where are you going?”


“Can we talk afterwards?” Pea asked.

“Sure, Pea, I’ll meet you here!”

It was a great feeling. Megha and Pea could understand each other, they could talk. Finally, there was someone to talk to.

That was how it began five years ago.


Megha was sitting in the classroom. It was lunchtime; some girls were playing outside. Most of them were inside, eating and enjoying the recess. More than five girls were sitting around Megha. One of the girls was talking about hair. Megha’s shoulder length dark brown hair was divided and bound in two ponytails.

“I like Megha’s hair, it’s straight, unlike mine,” she said pointing to her big curls.

“Well, Sumita, your curls are beautiful,” Megha replied.

“I like Megha’s eyes more than her hair,” another girl said. “Her brown eyes are…”

Sumita cut her off. “Let’s just agree that Megha is very beautiful.”

“Wholeheartedly agreed,” the other girl replied.

Megha blushed. All these girls were too much obsessed with her.

Sumita adjusted her round glasses and smiled, “But Megha, we have a question.”

“What is it, Sumita?”

Sumita looked at the other girls and then looked at Megha again. “We have this question for a long time. Megha, tell us, who is your best friend?”

Megha looked at all the girls and thought. Pea had been the one, though he didn’t know it yet, she never told him. But these girls wouldn’t understand why it was Pea. To them, he was just an ordinary peacock, as no one but Megha could understand Pea’s words.

Making up her mind, Megha said, “I don’t have a best friend.”

“Oh.” Sumita said in a disappointed voice.

Megha looked outside the window. The sky was light blue, clouds floating over it. It was Autumn. Almost five years to the day Megha met Pea. She smiled. It was the perfect day, the day she would tell Pea that he, only he was the best friend she ever had.

The rest of the classes were over quickly. Megha picked up her bag and left the school.

“I’ll tell you, Pea.”

Thank you all for reading.

This story has multiple chapters. Each week, I’ll post one chapter. If you don’t want to miss any of them, follow my blog to be notified when they come out!

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Thank you. 


#10 Announcement

Today, I’m going to announce some things 😛

1. Portfolio

I have been working on a portfolio for quite some time. Finally, I have finished it (for now), and the link can be shared with everyone!

Artworks of Trisha Seal

Have a great time taking a look at it. //Please do not steal any artworks//

2. Writing

I have been working on a book named ‘Darkened Sky’ all this time and wasn’t able to take a look at my old writings. But now, I’ve decided it. I’m going to rewrite my old books 🙂

That’s not the end of it. After rewriting I’ll publish the books in WordPress. (I don’t really have another platform. My Storybird life is past, I don’t want to go back there. And I’m not really comfortable with using Wattpad).

I’ll probably publish a chapter each week.

Follow my blog to get a notification each time I publish a chapter. Thank you for reading this post ^^ 

Featured image is from WordPress, I guess.

#9 Fireworks – An Art

Nothing much to say right now. My exams are going on, so I’m a bit busy >.<

This is an art I made a while ago, for an animation in Scratch. The animation can be found here.

The animation is a part of a MAP in Scratch. MAPs are Multiple Animators’ Project, where an audio is split into several parts and each animator is given a part to animate. Here, the song that was used is FRIENDS, by Jasmine Thompson.


Fireworks - big - effects applied.png

#8 Ten Things to do when You are Bored

Do you often find yourself bored of doing the same things over and over again?

Do you want to learn about some new things to do?

I get it, it’s just what I feel a lot. So I switch my tasks every two hours. Doing the same thing for a long time really frustrates me. I try out new objects, write out new ideas, perform, discover new things to get over that frustration and boredom.

In case you run out of ideas about what to do, here is a list of ten things to try when you are bored.

1. Write

I guess I pretty much made it clear that writing is one the best ways to escape boredom (my last topic was about writing too: #7 Writing, and Some Fun ^^), well, at least to me. You might feel the same too. If you feel alone, frustrated, bored – or whatever negative feelings, just write it out. Write whatever that comes out of your pens (or anything you are using to write). Don’t judge yourself with its vocabulary, style or anything. Remember, you are expressing what you feel there. And it can be messy, it’s nothing embarrassing.

“Just write it out!”

Sometimes, you might get bored of writing as well. 😛 Don’t worry, I have nine more options left for you.

2. Listen to Songs and Sing

Here, where we live, singing is a very common hobby. And a very helpful way to overcome boredom. Browse through YouTube, find songs you love and listen, enjoy. Learn new songs, try to understand the lyrics behind them.

Then, sing.

You don’t have to be the greatest singer ever to sing. You don’t have to be accurate or even sound good. You are singing because you like it – keep that in mind.

(Also, stop caring much about criticisms; but if you want to be a good singer, you have to listen to the constructive ones. I’m not going to write about that because this is supposed to be a ‘get-out-of-boredom’ post, not a ‘be-a-professional-singer’ post. :P)

If you are a musician-in-the-making and prefer instruments than singing, then try new songs on your instrument.

Trust me, you’ll love this way. 🙂

“Listen to the music, and then feel it in your heart.”

3. Art

Do you remember your childhood doodles? There were times when you were bored with your classes, and you decided to let it out in your books. Even some older people have that habit.

It’s good.

If you are bored, you might find interest in drawing. Make arts of whatever you like. If you run out of ideas, try some random art prompt generators.

Here is another cool way to do art: If you are bored with studies, try to do artworks of them. I’m sure you’ll find your studies interesting later on! 🙂

 “Distribute colours in your life, make artworks!”

4. Learn Coding

This might be a part of studies, but honestly, coding is fun! There are multiple websites and apps where you can learn to code for free! Try to learn HTML and CSS, they are really easy! A detailed list of programming languages to learn is here.

5. Animation

Don’t you love those Disney movies? And the Tom and Jerry episodes from your childhood?

Thanks to the technology, even you can create them!

Once you get the hang of animating, you’ll love to make them. There are two methods –

  1. Traditional
  2. Digital

You can make traditional animations by drawing art in paper, then tracing and editing the art a little by little.

Digital animations are made by various 2D and 3D softwares.

Here is a post on animations and here is another for animation softwares.

You can check out Bloop Animation if you are curious, they have many interesting things 🙂

Little Note: Scratch is a website where you can code and animate for free ^^

6. Read Books and Newspapers

Pretty straightforward as the title. And I’m not going to explain further, the advantages of these are known to everyone XD

7. Do Household Chores

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Almost everyone can help with daily chores. It’ll keep you fit and make your elders happy. 🙂

8. ‘Thank You’ Letters

I’m sure you appreciate the people around you – your family, friends, teachers.

If you are bored, take a paper and write a letter to them, expressing how happy you are to have them in your life. Design to make them look beautiful. 😀

When you’ll give them, you’ll see how happy they will become. ^^

“Who doesn’t love being appreciated? Show your appreciation using ‘Thank You’ letters!” 

9. Make a Video

You can make an interesting video that will benefit everyone. Do you know any tough topics very well? Think you can explain them? Make a video of you doing so. Edit, if needed, then share. Everyone will be benefitted, even you because you enjoyed making it a lot. 🙂

10. Games, Social Media, Chatting

If you can’t find pleasure in those creative options, these are the options left.

Games are fun and they can sharpen your brains. You can play games for some time to get over boredom.

I wouldn’t suggest social networking to anyone (they can be really harmful if you are not mature enough), but if you can handle all the risks, well, go then. There can be educational and inspirational posts as well.

You can call or chat with your friends. Beware, they might be busy, and it’s best not to disturb them at that time.

Hope you enjoyed this article. So whenever you are bored, come, take a look at these things to do and enjoy! ~

Know any better methods? Let me know by commenting, and I’ll add with credits! ^^

Thank you for reading! ❤