#7 Writing, and Some Fun ^^


Not the school essays, paragraphs or anything like that – I mean the creative ones. The ones you write yourself  – they may be stories, poems, even songs, or whatever.

If I was ever asked, “What do you like about being a writer?”, I’d remain silent for around five minutes. My thoughts would be like, how do I start explaining it?

To me,

Being able to imagine and write is a blessing.

And I’d do my best to not lose that.

I had started writing in Bengali when I was seven. The writings from that time are now some childish, cringeworthy (cringey is not a word) words placed one after another. But I still love them – those writings are the proofs of how innocent and simple a child can be.

In June, 2015, I discovered Storybird, a very friendly and fun writing website. That’s when I took writing seriously. I started writing in English, and it was more enjoyable to me than writing in Bengali (Why? I don’t know).

I realized one thing today. On June 15th, it’ll be 3 years since I started writing my book Best Friend. It is my first ever English book – that means I started writing in English on June 15th.

That’s so special to me ❤

June 15th will be a busy day for me, plus I don’t know how to celebrate that. Some might say, “Celebrate as a writing day!” — but, to me, every day is a writing day.

I guess I’ll make something like an art – or whatever – respecting my little creations and friends.

Anyway, today I decided to post two little funny parts from Darkened Sky, a novel I’m writing these days. These parts are about Florenza, a princess and a mouse named Willow.


“Well, Florenza, I do have a name.”

“Oh, really? I never knew that.”

“How would you ever know,” the mouse said, “you never befriended a mouse before.”

“True,” Florenza replied.

“I’m Willow, but you can call me Will,” the mouse said.

“Such an adorable name! I’m…”

“No need to tell me, I already know that,” Will smiled.(…)


Florenza rubbed her eyes and get out of the bed. She opened the door and took the plate.

“Don’t forget this,” the person outside said, and handed Florenza a note.

Florenza shut the door and went to the bed again.


“Ugh… what again?”

“It’s me.”

“Well, whoever you are, just let me sleep.”

“Oversleeping is bad, Florenza.”


“I never knew humans could be so lazy. Phew, what a relief, too good that I’m not a human.”

Florenza opened her hazel eyes.

“Oh, so it’s you, Will.”


These parts are from my first draft, so these may lack good quality, but trust me, the third draft will be much better. I guess I’ll post these two scenes again once I start writing the third draft, so that you can compare between the versions.

Well, that’s all for now, see you in the next post! ❤ Bye!


#6 Making New Friends and Social Anxiety

Making new friends can be tough. Maybe not for everyone – especially if you are a really extroverted and fun person, it’s easier to talk. But for the introverts, or the shy people, starting a conversation can be really hard.

I am one of those people, who struggle starting a conversation. I exactly know my problem – it’s called Social Anxiety.

So, what is it? Let’s take a look!

Social Anxiety: The Fear of Being Judged

So, what is social anxiety?

“A chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety.” 

Explanation: When you have social anxiety, you’ll fear every social situations you are going to face – whether it’s party with a large number of unknown guests, or a small get-together with old friends, or whatever – maybe when you are attending classes surrounded by a lot students, travelling with a lot of people etc. These social situations will make you feel nervous, you’ll be anxious around everyone.

You might feel your mouth is drying, or you might sweat excessively; you might stammer, or feel your heart beating way too fast – anything like these can happen, and that’s due to one reason – you are being anxious.

But why?

Social Anxiety is actually a excessive form of shyness, low self confidence and fear.

You see, we are social beings, we have empathy, even we can be nice to people – but you can’t deny the fact that we judge.

We do.

We think of things everyone is doing, and what should they do, and how they are ruining their lives and etc, etc. Everyone does.

But not all the time.

This is where social anxiety is coming from.

Social anxious people tend to think that, they are being judged all the time, by everyone. Let’s say, they are in a public event, where everyone is busy doing their own jobs, and maybe some look at them in curiosity, and that’s it. They think no further (usually; some people might, but that’s not what we’re talking about). What social anxious people think is, now everyone is thinking about them. Judging them. Maybe they are looking stupid, or being way too weird. Social anxious people want to fit in with everyone, normally, and they overthink, which causes low self confidence. This lack of confidence makes them nervous, and shy. They start to fear the social situations.

The funny thing is that, a social anxious person knows that they are not being judged. They know it. But the demons of overthinking forces them to believe it.


This is just a mental disorder, and it’s treatable. Treatable means, you can find ways to interact with everyone better. Maybe it won’t go away completely, but you’ll have to embrace that, it’s a part of you.

You just need someone with assuring words, someone who can make you totally believe that you are okay, suitable among everyone. This someone can fight the inner demons away.

Counselling isn’t quite required, if you have that someone – someone from your family, or your friends or your teachers. If you don’t, it’d be best to go to a counsellor, who can help you.

My Story:

I had social anxiety as well. And I remember how it made me feel so low, so weak and afraid.

One day, my English teacher told me some encouraging words, and said it was okay, I was fine. He helped me to increase my confidence.

My anxiety isn’t totally gone, honestly, but it’s a lot better now. I can talk to people normally, not being afraid. Huge social situations – I don’t know how I’ll feel about them, but let me say that it’s all right now.

Once your social anxiety is in control, it’ll be easier to talk to people (that’s the topic we started at first!).

I made quite some friends within a week (I have to attend lots of tuitions, so I have to interact with people a lot). And they were smiling and talking with me when they met me next time! That made my day 🙂

So, that’s what I wanted to say, if you have social anxiety, try to bring it under your control. Talk about it to someone you think will care. Ask for help. If that person doesn’t help, try someone else. Don’t be afraid, someone will definitely help you!

And I’m always here, if you need to talk, you can always comment 🙂

That’s all for today!


#5 Art Hack :D

Sorry for not posting for a long time… It’s just that life gets a lot busier sometimes. And I’m in 9th Grade now, so it’s not so surprising. Whenever I get time on the computer, I just write and write. There’s this book, “Darkened Sky”, I’m writing, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Like really much obsessed.

I love painting about my story characters, I usually do them on a computer with a mouse (no, I don’t own a tablet *sigh*). It can be really tough to draw on the computer (with a mouse), but it’s easy to draw there than drawing traditionally, because of the ‘undo’ button 😛 And trust me, you can colour a lot better on the computer. But the line-art… sometimes it can be challenging.

So, anyway, back to my topic. I’ve invented a method of drawing on the computer easily.

[Before I start, I should let you know that this process won’t work on MS Paint or any software that doesn’t have the layers options. I recommend using FireAlpaca for this. :)]

5 Steps To Draw Easily On Computer:

1. Draw the line art traditionally on paper.

2. Take a clear photo of it.

3. Move it to your computer.

4. Open it with the art software you use.

5. Now trace the art on a different layer! After you are done, just delete the layer of the picture.

That’s it! Your beautiful line art is ready! Colour it as the way you want 🙂

That’s all for now! Hope you find that useful!

Bye 🙂

#3 Travelling

Everyone loves travelling, (I guess) and I do too 😀 So, we started on a tour in Assam on 16th Dec, 2017. With the Christmas round the corner, ’tis the season to have fun! And travel (at least for us!).

We’re gonna stay in Assam until 27th Dec, and we’ll start the returning journey on 28th.

Happy Holidays!

(Oh, and we’re enjoying a lot, thanks for asking :P)

You Matter!

A beautiful post 🙂

The Sun Shineth again!

In a world were it is so easy to be and feel neglected, I dedicate this to anyone that have silenced themselves for so long:

Your voice matters.
Your presence matters.
Your existence matters.

Let no one convince you otherwise;
Let not the world shut you down;
Because you are just as important!

Your voice is valid.
Your presence is valid.
Your existence is valid.
Because you matter; today, tomorrow, & always!

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#2 New Site Icon ^^

Today, I noticed that I don’t have a site icon, so I decided to make one 😀

Hehe.. I might seem too immature to post about a new site icon, but really, this blog thing is new to me, so I’m kinda excited 😀 I made the icon using Scratch, a programming+animating software, which can be used for painting as well! It’s free and supports two kinds of modes: Bitmap and Vector. My icon was made using the vector mode (it’s easier to use!).

The icon is a light bulb… I didn’t think too deeply about why I decided to use a light bulb… but I guess that light bulb means… ideas? And I’m kinda sharing my ideas here, right? Lol XD

Here are some screenshots of my icon. After I did the art, I copied the complete art into another costume and decided to undo some actions in the original art to show you some steps ^^ Enjoy!

[That hashtag means it’s the 2nd post lol :P]

working -1
First Structure
working 1
Colour time!
Nearly done! 😀
Final, and screenshot 😀